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Our First Update!

Thank you for reading this, our very first praise report. God has been so good to us over these last few months. With all of the challenges that we have all encountered due to the Coronavirus, God has used this time in order to accelerate our deputation to Japan! Without all of the events of 2020, we would not have even been able to start deputation.

Brendan Ordination
My ordination service
Fist display table
Pacific Baptist Church, Long Beach, CA
First presentation at Pacific Baptist Church, Long Beach, CA
Pacific Baptist Church, Long Beach, CA

After being appointed as FBMI missionaries in October 2020, we officially kicked off deputation in November. I had the blessing of being ordained into the Gospel ministry at my home church on November 1. We were then invited to a Missions Conference at Pacific Baptist Church of Long Beach, California. They graciously voted to take us on for support and be our first supporting church! What a blessing! A man in the church committed to supporting us personally as well!

In December, we were able to visit Faith Baptist Church in Wildomar, California, to attend the ordination of our friend. Later in December, I was invited to present our ministry at the Missions Conference of the Calvary Baptist Church in Keokuk, Iowa. I was able to preach for the Sunday morning service and give my testimony in the afternoon. The people were so friendly to me while I was there; I was not able to have my family with me for that conference. Pastor Heath graciously showed me around the town, including the incredible Keokuk National Cemetery and the Mississippi River. For Christmas, we were able to have the Bull family stay at our home. We enjoyed a wonderful time of rest and fellowship together.

Calvary Baptist Church, Keokuk, IA
Calvary Baptist Church, Keokuk, IA
Pastor Meyer and family of Pacific Baptist Church, Long Beach, CA
Montecito Baptist Church, Ontario, CA
Montecito Baptist Church, Ontario, CA

In January, we were invited to attend the Missions Conference at Montecito Baptist Church in Ontario, California. Our schedule was full, as I preached five times during the conference, including twice with someone translating into Spanish (a first for me). Pastor Salazar and the church people showered us with blessings. We also saw many old friends. The church voted to take us on for support immediately, as well as another individual supporting us personally! Even more exciting, a young lady named Laura surrendered her life to the mission field! She feels that God has called her to Japan! Please pray for Laura as she continues to seek God’s leading. God truly blessed us mightily during this trip.

Soulwinning in Ontario, CA
Soul winning at Montecito Baptist Church, Ontario, CA

Please be in prayer for us as our schedule fills up over these next months. We will be traveling out to Wisconsin, Illinois, and Colorado in February. We are also hopefully getting close to selling our home and then purchasing an RV from a fellow missionary for our deputation travels. We already have a buyer (a family member); they are just waiting for their home to sell. We will then be able to go full-time on deputation.

Please also pray for more souls to be saved as we are out traveling. I was able to speak with a young man named Giavani while soul winning with our home church in December. He knew a lot about the Bible but did not know for sure he was going to Heaven. Praise the Lord, by the end of our conversation, Giavani had trusted Jesus as his Saviour!

Your servants in Christ,

Brendan Morgan

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